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brand essence


The desire to glorify the femininity and sophistication of every woman is why RODO, after 60 years, continues today to create timeless accessories of the highest quality with vocation, passion and industriousness.


RODO is a brand with strong ties to traditions, taking forward with each generation quality workmanship, the essence of each of its creations.

RODO's goal is to create a product that succeeds in adapting to trends while still remaining iconic over time.

This is achieved through the importance that is given to the quality of the raw materials used and the uniqueness of the workmanship. RODO’s bags and shoes are entirely Made in Italy, striving to convey excellence, authenticity and research. Elements essential to the brand since its beginning.


RODO was born in 1956, when Romualdo Dori, taking his initials to create the name RODO, established in Florence a brand of woven wicker handbags.

The success of his creations led him to build the factory in Mogliano in the Marche region, an area of excellence in wicker weaving.

Transferring the business there in 1961 he began producing bags in leather as well as those in wicker. The exclusivity of RODO’s products is a result also of the production process, the company's in-house workshop produces all of the metal hardware used to complete the bags.

In 1973, Romualdo's sons, first Gianni and then Maurizio, joined the company.

In the early 1970s, in addition to wicker and leather bags, RODO began to produce bags in crochet and in metal.

In 1975, footwear production was started in Florence after which it was also moved to the Mogliano location.

Over the years the company has continued to expand its sales network. Focusing on international markets, as well as cultivating the U.S. market where brand has been prominent since its inception.

From 2010 onwards, the third generation has become part of the company. First Martina, Maurizio's daughter, who, following in her father's footsteps, joined him in the design office, working on the design and creation of bags and leather goods.

Following this Gianni's sons, Giorgio, who takes care of the artistic direction and creation of footwear, and Lorenzo, who together with his father manages the commercial area.

In 2012, RODO opened its first mono-brand store in Milan, in Corso Matteotti. This was followed by stores in Jakarta, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Beijing.


Wicker weaving is what has distinguished RODO's iconic craftsmanship since 1956. Taking inspiration from the wicker baskets used at the local markets and combining this workmanship with innovative designs, original shapes, dyes, and sought-after metal hardware to create bags with timeless style.

Over the years wicker has also been applied to various other materials, and then also to footwear through woven buckles and heels.

Wicker accessories are strongly characteristic of RODO’s summer collections. Each year they are renewed in terms of shapes and colours, always aiming to convey the iconicity and quality of wicker craftsmanship. A craft that has been handed down for almost 70 years.


Jewelled accessories have always been part of the RODO tradition.

Every season RODO dedicates a selection of items to evening and ceremonial occasions, in particular shoes and clutches, which represent real, true jewels to be worn.

Central to the evening collection is definitely the use of crystals, which are entirely hand-applied by artisans to create precious effects and patterns. Likewise for the jewelled buckles which are renewed every season.

Over the years numerous international celebrities have carried RODO’s jewelled clutches on the red carpets, establishing them as iconic pieces from the brand.